Our Work “Rhythm Dungeon: A Blockchain-Based Music Roguelike Game” Has Been Accepted Into FDG 2019 Posters & Demos Track

Our work “Rhythm Dungeon: A Blockchain-based Music Roguelike Game” has been accepted into Foundation of Digital Games 2019 (FDG 2019) Demos Track, which will be hold at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California, USA, during August 26-30, 2019. Foundations of Digital Games is a major international “big tent” academic conference dedicated to exploring […]

Our Work “Blockchain Games: A Survey” has been Accepted to IEEE CoG 2019

Our work “A Security Case Study for Blockchain Games” has been accepted to IEEE GEM 2019

Prof. Cai Delivered a Talk titled “Digital Games: From Entertainment to Academic Research” at 20th Night Talk of Diligentia College

Our Work “Proof-Of-Play: A Novel Consensus Model For Blockchain-Based Peer-To-Peer Gaming System” Has Been Accepted To 2019 ACM International Symposium On Blockchain And Secure Critical Infrastructure (BSCI 2019)